The word impossible is not in our vocabulary we will do everything in our power to make sure you leave happy.

Our Family is currently at 16 team members, we put 100% detail into our additions. We want winners that want to contribute to our cause.


Located in downtown Manhattan Beach, "El Som" or "The Hat" as known by locals, has been building relationships with people since 1975. El Som is a small family owned restaurant with a big heart. If you are one of those people that loves tradition, family, and enjoys a simple, little-town feel, then El Som is the place for you. El Som has been ingrained in the Manhattan Beach community for 40 years Many of El Som’s customers have been coming back regularly for decades; the owner and staff not only recognize parents, but their children and grandchildren as well. Many local children have grown up eating at El Som from grade school to high school, eventually many of those children leave for college, but they always come back to El Som to eat the food they have always enjoyed and remembered. Locals know who we are, and we want to remain being a reliable, trusted, and convenient restaurant and a part of the community. See you mañana!



Our Vision is to build a relationship with every single customer, and at capacity, know every single person by name sitting in all of our 16 tables. We also believe in reciprocity, so we want you to know us too!

Our Values are UNITY and SERVICE. Together hand by hand we are stronger and equipped to better serve you.


Our Story

Vision and Values


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